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879684836 is a Winter Triticale developed by Northern Agri-Brands LLC. It was selected for it’s silage yield production, improved grain yields and awn length.

879684836 has been adapted to areas within Montana and Washington.

Kind Triticale
Ploidy Hexaploid
Seasonal Growth Habit Winter
Photoperiod Reaction Insensitive
Winterhardiness Med. High
Maturity Mid-Season
Height Mid-Tall
Plant Color at Boot Stage Blue Green
Stem Anthocyanin Absent
Neck Hairiness Slight
Neck Shape Straight
Flag Leaf at Boot Not Twisted, Erect, Waxy
Spike Density Dense
Spike Shape Oblong
Spike Awnedness Awnletted
Awn Color Tan
Glume Pubescence Glabrous
Glume Color Yellow
Glume Length Mid-Long
Shoulder Shape Wanting
Shoulder Width Narrow
Beak Shape Acuminate
Coleoptile Color White
Seed Shape Elliptical
Seed Smoothness Slightly Wrinkled
Seed Brush Area Small
Seed Brush Length Short
Seed Color Amber
Seed Relative Size Large

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Allowed Variants

Phenotypic Variant: Awned plants at the rate of 1/1000 plants. Seed Variant: None at this time.
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