Washington State Crop Improvement Association membership helps to support agriculture and research throughout the state of Washington.

  • Support of County Crop Improvement Associations

    • $4 of each paid membership is returned to the county
    • $.005 of final certification fees collected for seed certified in each county is returned to the county association for use in promotion and education toward the use of certified seed
  • WSU Uniform Cereal Variety Evaluation Program

    • Publication and distribution of the Certified Seed Buying Guide
  • Financial Support of WSU Research Programs

    • Equipment financial support
    • Assist in equipment purchase for Western Regional Small Grain Genotyping Lab
    • Graduate student funding
    • WSU Cereal Breeding programs including ARS/USDA
    • Cereal Variety Portfolios
  • WSCIA Annual Meeting

    • Speakers Program – Technical, political, etc.
    • Trade show
    • Networking
  • Seed Buzz (Newsletter)

    • Spring & Fall Seed Source Listings
    • Spring & Fall Foundation Seed Availability Listings
    • Technical News
  • WSCIA Web Site

    • Newsletter Information
    • Buying Guide Information
    • Certification Standards
    • Seed Conditioner Listings
    • General Information – Contacts, Etc.

Register for Membership

WSCIA encourages anyone interested in quality seed in general, to become a member of the state and county crop improvement association.