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LCS Helix AX is an awned, early maturity, intermediate height, CoAXium hard red winter wheat developed by LCS that carries 2-genes for resistance to Aggressor herbicide.

Identifying Characteristics: 

Kind Common
Seasonal Growth Habit Winter, Early
Plant Height (cm) 22
Internodes Hollow
Spike Shape Tapering
Spike Density Lax
Spike Curvature Erect
Awn Type Awned
Awn Color White
Glume Color White/Amber
Glume Length Medium
Shoulder Shape Square
Shoulder Width Medium
Beak Shape Acuminate
Beak Length Medium
Glume Pubescence Absent
Seed Color Red
Seed Shape Ovate
Cheeks Rounded
Brush Size Medium


Data Sheets

Allowed Variants

Phenotypic Variant: Awnless/Awnletted heads 1/1,000, Tall plants (2+ spike lengths above the canopy) 1/1,000, red or bronze glumes 1/1,000. Seed Variant: Up to .75% if white wheat.
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