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1. LCS Star (experimental number 08 SB0658-B) is a Hard White Spring wheat developed by Limagrain in Spain, marketed by Limagrain Cereal Seeds in the U.S.

2. LCS Star was selected for resistance to yellow rust, quality (gluten strength), and yield potential in Spain using individual head selections from population bulks, and headrowing for purifications. No claims are made in this application for disease resistance or quality reactions in the U.S.

3. The areas of probable adaptation for LCS Star are the Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley of California. LCS Star has been tested for 3 years in in both locations in the UC Davis Regional Performance Tests. Primary use will be for whole wheat or high flour extraction applications.

4. No claims are made in this application for disease resistance or insect reactions in the U.S.

5. Identifying characteristics – insert the descriptive term from the Objective Description (pages 3-5) except where indicated:

1. Kind: Common: Hard White
If common, provide appropriate kernel characteristic: (Hard Red, Soft Red, Hard White, Soft White)
2. Seasonal Growth Habit: Spring
3. Coleoptile Color: Red
4. Juvenile Growth Habit: Semi-Erect
5. Leaf Color at Boot: Blue-Green
6. Flag Leaf at Boot: Erect, not twisted, wax present
7. Auricle Color: White
8. Day(s) to 50% Heading: 40 days from 3/1
9. Anther Color: Yellow
10. Anthoncyanin: Absent
11. Plant Height (cm): 91
12. Internodes: Hollow
13. Spike Shape: Tapering
14. Spike Density: Mid-dense
15. Spike Curvature: Inclined
16. Awn Type: Awned
17. Awn Color: White
18. Glume Color: White/amber
19. Glume Length Long
20. Shoulder Shape: Elevated
21. Shoulder Width: Medium
22. Beak Shape: Acuminate
23. Beak Length (S.M.L.VL): Long
24. Glume Pubescence: Absent
25. Seed Color White
26. Seed Shape: Ovate
27. Cheeks: Angular
28. Brush Size (S,M,L.): Medium
29. Avg 1,000 Kernel Wt (g): 40
30. Physiological/biochemical Traits: None at this time

Variants and frequency:
Variants and frequency: LCS Star may contain taller plants (1-3 spike lengths), earlier plants, and red/brown glumed plants up to 1% in combination in the field. Seed of LCS Star may contain up to 20 red kernels per pound.

6. Recognized seed classes will be Breeder, Foundation, Registered, and Certified. Registered and Certified seed of LCS Star may be produced and sold only through a license agreement with LCS. Limagrain Cereal Seeds will maintain Breeder and Foundation seed by roguing and removal of off-types in bulk seedings and headrowing when necessary.

7. Certified seed of LCS Star will likely be available in Spring 2015.

8. Plant Variety Protection will be applied for without the Title V option in late 2014.

9. Certified seed production and acreage may be published by AOSCA and official state seed certifying agencies.

Date this application was submitted: Dec 31, 2013

Date recommended by the NVRB: Apr 04, 2014

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