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Piranha CL+ is a 2-gene imazamox tolerant, semi-dwarf, soft white winter wheat with average plant height (averages 35 inches), mid-season maturity, common head type, and white straw and glumes.

Area of adaptation and primary use of the variety:

Piranha CL+ appears to be adapted across all rainfall zones of Washington and North Idaho. It seems to do best in intermediate and low rainfall zones.

Resistance to diseases and pests:

Stripe Rust Resistance:

Piranha CL+ rated between 0 and 3 for infection type, and between 0 and 20% infection severity. The variety shows a better resistance than UI Magic CL+, Curiosity CL+, and Mela CL+.

Foot Rot Resistance:

Approximately 50% of the plant population carry the gene for resistance to Foot Rot.


Piranha CL+ is not believed to be resistant based on marker data, but there have been no field tests to confirm this.

Low pH soils:

This variety is moderately tolerant of low pH soil conditions.

Cephalosporium Stripe:

Piranha CL+ has not been tested under field conditions for resistance to C. Stripe.


Piranha CL+ has not been evaluated for resistance to Nematodes.

Snow Mold:

Piranha CL+ has been tested for tolerance to snow mold, it’s tolerance is similar to Curiosity CL+ and Otto.

Winter Hardiness:

Based on field observations no injuries due to cold conditions, and would be considered cold tolerant.



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