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WA8252 is a semi-dwarf, hard white winter wheat with a mid-season maturity. This variety features an average plant height, white glumes and straw, and a common head type.

Area of adaptation and primary use of the variety:

WA8252 is intended for the high (>16″) rainfall production zones in North Idaho and Washington, as well as the irrigated production areas of Southern Idaho.

This variety is not intended to be planted under the deep-furrow cropping system.

WA8252 is used for noodles and tortillas.

Variants and Frequency:

None at this time.

Resistance to diseases and pests:

Stripe Rust Resistance:

In trials WA8252 showed an infection type of 2, disease severity was a 5% and 15%. Marker data suggests that WA8252 also carries Yr17.



Under greenhouse conditions WA8252 is resistant to H. filipjevi. WA8252 has not been screened for resistance to H. avenae.


Winter hardiness:

WA8252 should be considered moderately cold tolerant.


Data Sheets

Allowed Variants

Phenotypic Variant: None. Seed Variant: None.
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