drybeansDry edible beans, or field beans, come in a wide variety of market classes, including kidney bean, navy bean, pinto bean and black bean. These beans, although differing in seed size and coloring, are all just different types of a single species, Phaseolus vulgaris L. Originally domesticated in Central and South America over 7,000 years ago, dry beans moved their way northward through Mexico and spread across most of the continental U.S.

The following links will describe each variety for you.

Black Turtle Soup T-39 Field Bean

Blush Light Red Kidney Dry Bean

Burke Pinto Bean

Fiero Dark Red Kidney Dry Bean

Kamiakin Light Red Kidney Bean

Kardinal Light Red Kidney Bean

Lebaron Small Red Dry Bean

NW 63 Red Mexican Bean

Orca Black & White Anasazi Type Dry Bean

Othello Pinto Bean

Quincy Pinto Bean

Rojo Chiquito Small Red Dry Bean

Roza Pink Dry Bean

Rufus Red Mexican Dry Bean

Silver Cloud White Kidney Dry Bean