The WSCIA encourages anyone interested in quality seed in general, to become a member of the state and county crop improvement association.  Members are provided information relative to the seed industry such as new varietal developments, technical information, seed sources, and their availability, etc.  Membership also provides the opportunity to get together with other members of the seed industry at annual state and county crop improvement association meetings to identify and discuss topics of interest common to all.  Please be reminded that a membership is not required to certify seed.

Washington State Crop Improvement Association

2575 NE Hopkins Court

Pullman, WA 99163

 (509) 334-0461


Active Member $25 per year:  Any person, partnership, profit or non-profit association actively engaged in the production, conditioning or sale of agricultural seeds, plants, or other propagules in the State of Washington shall become an active member, providing the person, profit or non-profit association, or persons subscribe to the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws, and providing that the annual membership fees are paid.


Associate Member $50 per year:  Any individual, firm or corporation who is in any way interested in the seed industry shall become an associate member upon payment of the annual membership fees.  Associate members may participate in meetings but are not eligible to vote.

Approved Conditioning Plant Member $75 per year:  Approved conditioning plants and portable cleaners that process certified small grains and pulses.

Honorary Life Member:  In recognition of distinguished service to the seed industry, the Board of Directors, by majority vote, may confer an honorary life membership upon an individual thus waiving all annual dues.


 Active members, Approved Conditioning Plant Members, and Honorary Life Members shall have one vote and can be elected to office.  The Board of Directors has the authority to deny membership to anyone who has, in the opinion of the Board, violated the By-Laws and/or Rules and Regulations of the association and/or Washington State Seed Law and association standards.