Washington State Crop Improvement Association, Inc.

We’re a non-profit organization working with Washington State University, Oregon State University, along with other Public and Private breeding programs, as well as with Washington State Department of Agriculture and Washington seed growers and conditioners to develop, produce and distribute certified seed in order to improve crop quality and yields in Washington.

Purchase Foundation Seed

Foundation class seed is the first generation of seed available to the public and is the basis for the production of registered and certified seed.

Certification of Seed

Certified seed is seed produced to preserve genetic purity and the identity of seed stocks, which creates guaranteed quality, cleaner fields and higher yields.

Youth Education Funds

WSCIA grants funds to agriculture-related youth education groups each spring and fall. The next deadline for requests is September 1, 2018.


This poster lists varieties of small grains and legumes. Each variety has a brief description of growing characteristics, uses and origin. We welcome you to stop into our office and pick up the poster for FREE or you can send a check for $5 to cover the cost of shipping.  We also take credit card payment if you call the office @ 509-334-0461.
Poster approx. 28″ x 40″

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