2015 Application Field Inspection Small Grains***see form instructions left column***


2015 Application Field Inspection Legumes***see form instructions left column***


Application for Field Seedling Inspection   ***see form instructions left column***


Customer Waiver Affidavit


Application for Review of Small Grain Varieties for Certification


2015 Annual Membership Form


Sample Bag Label  -If data exceeds length of input area, please handwrite it on the form.        

The seed bags we distribute have a label attached.  This form is designed to be filled in on-line with drop-downs for easy input, printed at your site on a peel-n-stick label, and attached to the current label on the bag. Please keep a copy for your records.


             To prevent this label from lifting, please staple at least twice

  even if it appears to be adhering ok.


If you aren’t using one of our sample bags for your certified seed sample you can still use this form and include it with the sample.

Please mail seed samples for certification to:

Washington State Department of Ag

Seed Program

21 North 1ST Avenue

Yakima, WA 98902