Maintenance Status of Varieties Managed by WSCIA Foundation Seed

All WSU, OSU and USDA/ARS varieties produced by WSCIA-FSS will be put into the following three categories and reviewed on an annual basis by the FSS Advisory Committee as well as WSU and OSU breeding programs & administration.

  • A Class Varieties – Recently released varieties with high demand expected or varieties that have had consistent sales over 4,000 plus pounds per year.
  • B Class Varieties – Varieties that have an erratic sales history, but still have poundage sold over several years. (2,000 + lbs. over three years) These varieties will generally be produced under Year In Advance contracts and may not necessarily be available as a current season request.
  • C Class Varieties – Varieties that have sold 1,000 pounds or less in the previous three years. These varieties will have their present inventories reduced to approximately 100 pounds. This reserve poundage is to be held for potential future production if warranted. The varieties in this class can be produced on a contract basis by WSCIA-FSS upon request from industry members on a case by case basis. This production and associated costs are solely at the discretion of WSCIA-FSS.
  • “NON MAINTENANCE” classification – upon the recommendation of the FSS Advisory Committee and approval of the variety owner the designated variety will no longer be maintained by WSCIA-FSS in any form. A pre-determined amount of current stock seed will be held for potential future seed needs, testing, and germplasm.


A Class Varieties

Alum HRS Wheat
Appleby CL+
Devote Wheat
Hedge CL+ Wheat
Piranha CL+ Wheat
Ryan SW Spring Wheat
Seahawk SW Spring Wheat
Sockeye CL+ Wheat
Tekoa SW Spring Wheat
Thunder Barley

B Class Varieties

Alba Winter Barley
ARS Crescent Winter Club Wheat
Bobtail SWW Wheat
Buck Barley
Cara SW Winter Club
Castella SW Club Winter Wheat
Chet HRS Wheat
Curiosity CL+ SW Winter Wheat
Dayn HWS Wheat
Full Pint Spring Barley
Glee HR Spring Wheat
Havener Spring Barley
Hoody Hooded Winter Barley
JD Spring Club
Kelse HR Spring Wheat
Louise SW Spring Wheat
Mary SWW Wheat
Meg’s Song Spring Barley
Mela CL+ Winter Wheat
Melba SW Club Spring Wheat
Monida Spring Oat
Nixon Wheat
Norwest Duet SW Winter Wheat
Norwest Tandem SW Winter Wheat
OR2X2 CL+ Wheat
ORCF-102 Winter Wheat
Otto SW Winter Wheat
Palmer Barley
Pritchett SWW Club
Puma SW Winter Wheat
Purl SW Winter Wheat
Resilience CL+ SW Winter Wheat
Rosalyn SW Winter Wheat
Sequoia HRW Wheat
Stephens SW Winter Wheat
Stingray CL+ SW Winter Wheat
Survivor Spring Barley

C Class Varieties

ARS Amber SW Winter Wheat
ARS Selbu SW Winter Wheat
Bruehl SW Club Winter Wheat
Coda Winter Club Wheat
Diva SW Spring Wheat
Earl HW Winter Wheat
Eltan SW Winter Wheat
Farnum HRW Wheat
Fritz Spring Barley
Goetze SWW Wheat
Jasper SW Winter Wheat
Kaseberg SWW Wheat
Lyon Spring Barley
Madsen SW Winter Wheat
NW 553 HRW Wheat
ORCF-101 Winter Wheat
ORCF-103 SW Winter Wheat
Park Oats
Skiles SWW Wheat
Sprinter HRW Wheat
Whit SW Spring Wheat
Xerpha SW Winter Wheat

Non Maintenance Varieties

Alpowa SW Spring Wheat
Babe SWS Wheat
Bauermiester HRW Wheat
Belford Hooded Barley
Bob Spring Barley
Boyer Winter Barley
Buchanan Winter Wheat
Calorwa Spring Wheat
Camas Spring Barley
Cayuse Oats
Chukar Club Wheat
Daws Winter Wheat
Eden Spring Wheat
Edwall Spring Wheat
Edwin Club Wheat
Elise Spring Barley
Farmington Spring Barley
Finch Winter Wheat
Finley Winter Wheat
Foote SWW Wheat
Hesk Winter Barley
Hill 81 SWW Wheat
Hiller Club Wheat
Hollis HR Spring Wheat
Kamiak Winter Barley
Kold Winter Barley
Lewjain Winter Wheat
Macon Spring Wheat
Malcolm Winter Wheat
Masami SW Winter Wheat
Moro Club Wheat
ORSS-1757 SS W Wheat
Otis HW Spring Wheat
Penewawa Winter Wheat
Radiant Spring Barley
Rely Club Wheat
Rod SW Winter Wheat
Saia Oats
Sara Winter Barley
Scarlet HRS Wheat
Scio Winter Barley
Sprague Winter Wheat
Strider Winter Barley
Tango Spring Barley
Tara 2002 HRS Wheat
Tubbs 06 SWW Wheat
Tubbs SWW Wheat
Wakanz Spring Wheat
Washford Spring Barley
Winsome Winter Wheat
Yamhill SW Winter Wheat
Yecora Rojo HRS Wheat