Seed Treatment & Bags

WINTER SEED TREATMENT: CruiserMax Cereal Custom Blend .66 (Div. Xtrm, Rancona, Apron XL, and Cruiser 1oz.) will be used as a standard to treat all fall planted seed sold by WSCIA Foundation Seed Service. Early request for 1.33 blend can be applied to the seed order at time of order placement. This combination of seed treatments will provide customers with the best available seed protection for their crop. The addition of other seed additives or starter fertilizers on a custom basis are no longer available.

SPRING SEED TREATMENT: WSCIA Foundation Seed Service will use a standard seed treatment for small grains with Cruisermaxx .66. An additional rate of 1.33 Cruisermaxx is available upon request, at time of order placement.For lentils and peas the standard seed treatment will be Maxim, Apron, Sodium Molybdate Crystals, and Cruiser insecticide. Chickpeas standard will be the same as lentil and pea treatment, however FSS will add Mertect 340 for protection of Ascochyta blight.

Per customer request FSS packs product in 1-ton tote bags. 60 pound (1 bushel) bags are available upon request. Call the WSCIA-FSS office at (509) 335-4365 and let us know as soon as possible since we try to bag ahead of time to prevent any delays in shipping.

To prevent any scheduling delays please give the Foundation Seed Program at least 24 hours notice before pickup of your seed.