Seed Buying Guides

The information provided in the buyer’s guide is a result of a cooperative effort among WSCIA, WSU, USDA-ARS, and private seed companies. Variety performance results for wheat and barley are summarized from the WSU Extension Uniform Cereal Variety Testing Program trials conducted throughout Eastern Washington and represent public and proprietary varieties that were entered into the WSU Variety Testing Program.

Click the link below to download the 2022 Seed Buying Guide. This version is formatted to print on letter size paper. If you would like a printed copy from WSCIA, please call 509-334-0461 and let us know what address to send one to.


Archived Buying Guides

2019 Winter Wheat Buying Guide (no spring crop data):

2018 Spring and Fall Buying Guide:

2017 Spring and Fall Buying Guide:

2016 Spring and Fall Buying Guide:

2015 Fall Buying Guide: 

2014 Spring Buying Guide:

2013 Winter Buying Guide:

2013 Spring Buying Guide:

2012 Winter Buying Guide:

2012 Spring Buying Guide:

2011 Winter Buying Guide:

2011 Spring Buying Guide:

2010 Winter Buying Guide:

2010 Spring Buying Guide:

2009 Winter Buying Guide:

2009 Spring Buying Guide:

2008 Winter Buying Guide:

2008 Spring Buying Guide: