CDC Orion


CDC Orion is a large-seeded kabuli chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) cultivar developed by the Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan, for production in the Brown and Dark Brown soil zones of western Canada. CDC Orion was issued a Certificate of Eligibility for Certification, Number 1252-2009, on 2010 Apr. 27 under the authority of the Canada Seeds Act by the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association. CDC Orion kabuli chickpea was developed from the cross FLIP95-48C/93-120-63K made in the spring of 2000. The kabuli germplasm FLIP95-48C was developed by the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) in Aleppo, Syria. FLIP95-48C is medium-seeded kabuli with good resistance to ascochyta blight. Line 93-120-63K was developed by the Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan. It was derived from a cross between Sultano and C188-620. Both Sultano and C188-620 are large kabuli with desirable seed characteristics and susceptible to ascochyta blight. Line 93-120-63K is a large-seeded kabuli well adapted to western Canadian environments. CDC Orion had higher yield (PB0.05) than Amit (formerly known as B-90) in the Brown soil zone (Table 1). In the Dark Brown soil zone, however, CDC Orion yielded similar to Amit. CDC Orion flowered two days earlier (PB0.05) than Amit, but required the same number of days to maturity. Plants of CDC Orion were 4 cm shorter (PB0.05) than plants of Amit. CDC Orion had much higher seed weight (PB0.05) compared to Amit. CDC Orion had similar ascochyta disease rating as Amit on a 0  scale 9 (Singh and Reddy 1993) under field conditions. CDC Orion has pinnate leaves, white flowers, yellow cotyledons, and beige seed colour similar to Amit. CDC Orion has ram-head seed shape typical for kabuli type as opposed to round shape in Amit. The seed type of CDC Orion is considered visually acceptable in kabuli chickpea markets. Variety Description: Market Class: Kabuli Flower Color: White, same as Amit and CDC Frontier Seed weight: Average 428 g/1000 seeds, larger than both Amit and CDC Fronter. Seed shape: ram head shape, similar to CDC Frontier as opposed to round for Amit. Seed coat color: beige/cream, similar to CDC Frontier Days to flower: average of 56 days from seeding, similar to the check Amit. Maturity: average of 105 days Leaf type: Fern leaf, similar to Amit and CDC Frontier Plant height: average of 45 CM, Comparable with Amit and CDC Frontier Growth Habit: slightly spreading similar to CDC Frontier Ascochyta reaction: fair rating, comparable to CDC Frontier and CDC Luna   For full report see: httpss://

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