Educational Funds Available from WSCIA

Once each year the Washington State Crop Improvement Association Promotion & Education Committee  allocates funds for youth education based on requests received. Requests are due no later than April 1 for spring review. Review and allocation will be completed by April 30. Unfunded requests will not be held over from one review to the next, and can be resubmitted for the next review period.All requests for educational funds shall be addressed to the WSCIA P & E Committee and must meet the following criteria before the request will be considered:

  • A letter must be written by the group or individual requesting the funding—a teacher or advisor writing for the group is not acceptable.
  • The request must clearly explain why the funds are being requested and how the funds are to be used.
  • Priority will be given to Production Agriculture type projects with other associated agriculture taking a lesser priority.
  • A live presentation and request may be requested from the person or group asking for funding. This is not a requirement but will be given very strong consideration if the P & E Committee feels it is warranted.
  • Request for funds will be accepted any time during the year, and will be reviewed between April 1 and April 30.
    Fund requests can be mailed to WSCIA, 2575 NE Hopkins Court, Pullman, WA 99163, or sent via email to