Net CL+


Net CL+ has medium-late maturity, moderate adult plant resistance to stripe rust, medium height with good straw strength, very good test weight, Hessian fly resistance and good falling numbers. It also has excellent potential in low, intermediate , and high rainfall production areas. It is believed that Net CL+ will enhance production options in Clearfield-based systems and may be of benefit in areas with soil herbicide residue. Area of adaptation and primary use of variety: Net CL+ is a broadly adapted wheat that may be grown in all production zones of the Pacific Northwest. Variants and Frequency: Up to 25 white wheat seeds per pound. Resistance to disease and pests: Net CL+ shows a high to moderate HTAP level, good resistance to Hessian fly, and is moderately-highly resistant to stripe rust. Net CL+ is not tolerant to Aluminum toxicity.

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