SY Basalt


SY Basalt is a hard red spring wheat bred and developed by Syngenta Seeds, Inc. SY Basalt is the result of a cross made in 2001 by Syngenta Seeds, Inc. in Woodland VA. SY Basalt was selected for height, good yield performance and absence of stripe rust. SY Basalt is best adapted to the spring wheat growing areas in the Basin of Washington. SY Basalt has medium maturity. Syngenta Seeds, Inc. maintains  seed stock and certified classes of Foundation, Registered, and Certified. Syngenta Seeds, Inc. will maintain the variety by the head row method to produce breeder seed if needed.

Kind Hard Red
Seasonal Growth Habit Spring
Coleoptile Color White
Juvenile Growth Habit Erect
Leaf Color at Boot Green
Flag Leaf at Boot Erect, twisted, wax absent
Auricle Color White
Day(s) to 50% Heading 163
Anther Color Yellow
Anthocyanin Anthocyanin absent
Plant Height (cm) 84
Internodes Hollow
Spike Shape Tapering
Spike Density Mid dense
Spike Curvature Erect
Awn Type Awned
Awn Color White
Glume Color White/amber
Glume Length Long
Shoulder Shape Oblique
Shoulder Width Medium
Beak Shape Acuminate
Beak Length M
Glume Pubescence Absent
Seed Color Red
Seed Shape Ovate
Cheeks Rounded
Brush Size M
Avg 1,000 Kernel wt (g) 38

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