LCS Evina


Description: LCS Evina (NIC04-3377-A) is a Hard Red Winter Wheat developed by Limagrain Europe,marketed by Limagrain Cereal Seeds in the U.S. LCS Evina was developed using a pedigree method with selection for grain yield, protein levels,bread volume, and resistance to stripe rust in Germany, UK and Czech Republic. Area of probable adaptation for LCS Evina will be for organic wheat production in Oregon where the variety‚Äôs acceptable grain yields, high protein levels and tall plant stature are desirable. No claims are made in this application relative to disease or insect resistance.

1. Kind: Common, Hard Red

2. Seasonal Growth Habit: Winter
3. Coleoptile Color: white
4. Juvenile Growth Habit: Semi Erect
5. Leaf Color at Boot: Blue-Green
6. Flag Leaf at Boot: Erect, wax present
7. Auricle Color: White
8. Day(s) to 50% Heading: 150
9. Anther Color: Yellow
10. Anthoncyanin: Absent
11. Plant Height (cm): 107
12. Internodes: Hollow
13. Spike Shape: Tapering
14. Spike Density: Lax
15. Spike Curvature: Erect
16. Awn Type: Apically Awnletted
17. Awn Color: White
18. Glume Color: White
19. Glume Length Long
20. Shoulder Shape: Square
21. Shoulder Width: Medium
22. Beak Shape: Acuminate
23. Beak Length (S.M.L.VL): Short
24. Glume Pubescence: Absent
25. Seed Color Red
26. Seed Shape: Oval
27. Cheeks: Angular
28. Brush Size (S,M,L.): Medium
29. Avg 1,000 Kernel Wt (g): 42
30. Physiological/biochemical Traits: None

Genealogy: NIC97-3061-B/Drifter

Phenotypic variant: May contain up to 5 per 1000 tall plants, up to 2 spike lengths above main canopy, up to 1 per 1000 red/brown glumed plants, and up to 1 per 1000 awned plants.

Seed variant: Seed may contain up to 0.75% white wheat seeds.

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