Description: Scorpio is a semi- dwarf hard red winter wheat developed by WSU. It features a short plant height, mid-season maturity, common head type, and white straw/glumes. Scorpio possesses an acceptable protein content for hard red winter wheat. The falling number has been tested from 2016-2018 and never fallen below 300 seconds. Scorpio will receive an "Acceptable" quality ranking and will add strength to the market class while increasing the overall quality of the commodity class. Scorpio is best adapted to the >16 inch rainfall zones of  southern and eastern Washington. Scorpio performs greatly in areas with low pH soils, elevated Al levels, and in no till production systems. It has been targeted to replace acres currently occupied by Keldin. Scorpio is primarily used for bread production. Scorpio is considered highly to moderately resistant to stripe rust.  

Genealogy: Farmuer/Norwest 553

Phenotypic variant: 1 in 35,000, in any combination of tall plants matching the white awned common heads typical of the variety, awnless white chaff club heads, awned white chaff club heads, and awnless white chaff common heads.

Seed variant: 12 white seed per pound.  This variant will be allowed in Foundation, Registered, and Certified classes of Scorpio. 

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