AP Iliad


Description: AP ILIAD is a soft white winter wheat that was selected for height, maturity, appearance, kernel color, kernel soundness, disease reaction, and end use quality. AP ILIAD is primarily adapted to the intermediate to high rainfall and irrigated production in Eastern Washington. It has also tested well in irrigated production in Southern Idaho. AP ILIAD has shown above average resistance to stripe rust, soilborne mosaic virus, and physiological leaf spotting.

Kind Common
Seasonal Growth Habit Winter
Plant Height (cm) 89.8
Coleoptile Color White
Leaf Color at Boot Blue-Green
Flag Leaf at Boot Erect, Twisted, Wax Present
Auricle Color White
Days to 50% heading 150
Anther Color Yellow
Anthocyanin Absent
Internodes Semi-Solid
Spike Shape Oblong
Spike Density Mid-Dense
Spike Curvature Inclined
Awn Type Awned
Awn Color White
Glume Color White/Amber
Glume Length Long
Shoulder Shape Wanting
Shoulder Width Narrow
Beak Shape Acuminate
Beak Length Long
Glume Pubescence Present
Seed Color White
Seed Shape Ovate
Cheeks Angular
Brush Size Long

Genealogy: ORH010837 (OR 0845/E81FR) / OR2001611 (61- 1228/IBIS//YAMHILL/HYSLOP/5/FILBERT)

Phenotypic variant: Up to 0.8% total variant plants, which can include taller plants (3-10 cm) and awnless/awnletted plants. 

Seed variant: Up to 0.5% red seed, all classes

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