Description: Devote is a semi-dwarf wheat that matures later in the season with average plant height, common heads, and white straw/glumes. Devote has an acceptable protein content for a soft white winter wheat. Area of adaptation and primary use of the variety: Devote was designed to be planted in the <12 inch rainfall zones of Central Washington (Connell, Lind, Ritzville) as well as near Waterville and Mansfield, WA. In it's target regions, Devote has yield potential equal to Xerpha, Jasper, and Norwest Duet, and better than Otto, Eltan, and Puma. Devote is considered cold tolerant, and is moderately susceptible to alkaline soils. Devote is intended to replace the remaining acres of Xerpha and Eltan. Resistance to disease and pests: Devote carries good resistance to stripe rust, eyespot foot rot, Fusarium crown rot, and snow mold.  

Phenotypic variant: of 1 in 50,000, in any combination of tall plants matching the white awned common heads typical of the variety, awnless white chaff club heads, awned white chaff club heads, and awnless white chaff common heads.

Seed variant: red seed per pound.  This variant will be allowed in Foundation, Registered, and Certified classes of Devote

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