LCS Drive


Description: LCS Drive is a Soft White Winter wheat developed by Limagrain Cereal Seeds. LCS Drive was developed using doubled haploid methods; selection criteria included grain yield,height, earliness, disease resistance, winter hardiness, resistance to lodging, resistance to drought and end use quality. Areas of probable adaption are the low-and intermediate-rainfall wheat production zones of Oregon. No claims are made in this application relative to disease or insect resistance.

1. Kind: Common, Soft White
2. Seasonal Growth Habit: Winter
3. Coleoptile Color: White
4. Juvenile Growth Habit: Erect
5. Leaf Color at Boot: Blue-Green
6. Flag Leaf at Boot: Erect, twisted, wax present
7. Auricle Color: White
8. Day(s) to 50% Heading: 128
9. Anther Color: Yellow
10. Anthoncyanin: Absent
11. Plant Height (cm): 67
12. Internodes: Hollow
13. Spike Shape: Oblong
14. Spike Density: Mid Dense
15. Spike Curvature: Inclined
16. Awn Type: Awned
17. Awn Color: White
18. Glume Color: White
19. Glume Length Medium
20. Shoulder Shape: Wanting
21. Shoulder Width: Narrow
22. Beak Shape: Acuminate
23. Beak Length (S.M.L.VL): Medium
24. Glume Pubescence: Absent
25. Seed Color White
26. Seed Shape: Ovate
27. Cheeks: Rounded
28. Brush Size (S,M,L.): Medium
29. Avg 1,000 Kernel Wt (g): 38
30. Physiological/biochemical Traits: none

Genealogy: Biancor/NSA06-8483

Phenotypic variant: May contain up to 5 per 1000 tall plants, up to 2 spike lengths above main canopy, up to 1 per 1000 red/brown glumed plants, and up to 1 per 1000 awnless plants.

Seed variant: Seed may contain up to 0.75% red wheat seeds.

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