PNW Hailey


Overview: PNW Hailey is a soft white winter wheat that was selected for maturity, plant height and uniformity, disease reaction, and satisfactory preliminary quality screen. The average plant is 38 inches tall, with hollow internodes, tapering heads, and white awns. Area of Adaptation: PNW Hailey has shown good adaptation in the high to moderate rainfall regions of western Idaho, eastern Washington, north-central and northeastern Oregon and irrigated production in the southern Snake River region of Idaho and the irrigated production areas of Washington. Resistance to Diseases and Pests: PNW Hailey has shown an average tolerance to stripe rust. Variants and Frequency: Phenotypic Variants: Taller plants (8-12cm), as well as awnless heads may be encountered at up to 0.1%. Seed Variant(s): Up to 0.3% red seed may occur.

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