Resilience CL+


Resilience CL+ is a soft white winter wheat developed and released by Washington State University. It is ideally suited for the high rainfall (>20'' precipitation) production area of the Pacific Northwest. It carries BASF's two-gene Clearfield technology, allowing the use of MSO surfactant with Beyond for efficient weed control. Resilience CL+ was developed from a cross between Madsen and CL0618 (Clearfield trait donor) using a combination of marker-assisted background selection and forward breeding approaches. It is >95% similar to Madsen, and thus has similar traits excepting the targeted increases in yield and grain quality, and introduction of the two-gene Clearfield trait. This variety was tested as WA8187 in the WSU Cereal Variety Testing Program prior to release. Foundation seed of Resilience CL+ was first available in 2016. The Washington State Crop Improvement Association Foundation Seed Service maintains Breeder and Foundation seed of this variety. Seed companies interested in a license for production of Resilience CL+ should contact Washington Genetics. Click here to review the phenotypic characteristics of Resilience Cl+ soft white winter wheat.

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