SY Assure


Description: SY Assure is a Soft White Winter Wheat bred and developed by Syngenta Seeds, Inc. SY Assure was selected for high yield potential and test weight, lodging resistance and resistance to stripe rust using the modified bulk-pedigree method. SY Assure has shown good adaptation in the high to moderate rainfall regions of western Idaho, eastern Washington, north-central and northeastern Oregon and irrigated production in the southern Snake River region of Idaho and the irrigated production areas of Washington. SY Assure is resistant to the current predominant races of stripe rust and has no known insect resistance.

Coleoptile Color: White
Juvenile Growth Habit: Erect
Leaf Color at Boot: Green
Flag Leaf at Boot: Recurved, Twisted, Wax Absent
Auricle Color: White

Day(s) to 50% Heading: 145
Anther Color: Yellow
Anthoncyanin: Absent
Plant Height (cm): 82
Internodes: Hollow
Spike Shape: Tapering
Spike Density: Lax
Spike Curvature: Nodding
Awn Type: Awned
Awn Color: White
Glume Color: White
Glume Length Long
Shoulder Shape: Oblique
Shoulder Width: Narrow
Beak Shape: Acuminate
Beak Length (S.M.L.VL): L
Glume Pubescence: Absent
Seed Color White
Seed Shape: Ovate
Cheeks: Rounded
Brush Size (S,M,L.): M
Avg 1,000 Kernel Wt (g): 43

Genealogy:  03PN079/WestBred 528

Phenotypic variant: Up to 1% total variant plants, including taller plants (3-10 cm) and awnless plants. 

Seed variant: Up to 0.5% red seed

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