Stingray CL+


Stingray CL+ is a soft white winter wheat resistant to Imazamox. Stingray CL+ has higher yield potential than other 2-gene Clearfield lines currently on the market. It has an average plant height of 35 inches, and average heading date at 145 Julian days. Stingray CL+ has a protein content of 10.9%, and an average test weight of 61 lbs. When evaluated for injury under Imazamox Stingray CL+ averages 3.5%, which is significantly lower than the comparison check variety Curiosity CL+. Area of adaptation and primary use of the variety: Geographic areas of adaptation include wheat producing regions in Oregon, as well as southern and eastern Washington. Identifying Characteristics:

Kind  Common
Seasonal Growth Habit Winter, mid-season
Plant Height (inches) 35
Stem Internodes Hollow
Spike Shape Tapering
Spike Density Lax
Spike Curvature Erect
Awn Type Awned
Awn Color White
Glume Color White/Amber
Glume Length Long
Shoulder Shape Wanting
Shoulder Width Narrow
Beak Shape Acuminate
Beak Length Medium
Pubescence Absent
Seed Color White
Seed Shape Ovate
Cheeks Rounded
Brush Size Medium
Variants and Frequency: Tall Plants: 20/10,000 Awnless Plants: 10/10,000 Seed: 7 red/10,000 white Resistance to disease and pests: Stingray CL+ has very good levels of resistance to stripe rust, and carries the gene for¬†eyespot foot rot resistance  

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