TMC M-Idas


Overview: M-IDAS was selected for height, maturity, appearance, kernel color, kernel soundness, disease reaction, and end use quality. M-IDAS is a soft white winter wheat developed by Syngenta Crop Protection AG. Area of Adaptation: M-IDAS is primarily adapted to intermediate to high rainfall and irrigated production in Eastern Washington. It has also tested well in irrigated production in Southern Idaho. Resistance to Disease: M-IDAS has shown above average resistance to stripe rust and tolerance to physiological leaf spotting. It has tested susceptible to soilborne mosaic virus and shows some winter tenderness. Variants and Frequency: Phenotypic Variant: Up to 0.8% in any combination of taller plants, awned or awnletted plants. Seed Variant: Up to 0.5% of red seed may be encountered in all classes certified production.

Data Sheets