VI Frost


Overview: VI Bulldog is a common soft white winter wheat with awned heads. Plants are green at the boot stage. VI Bulldog has has good use quality. Area of Adaptation: VI Bulldog is broadly adapted, but does especially well under intermediate to high rainfall and irrigated areas. Resistance to Disease: VI Bulldog has an excellent resistance to stripe rust and Fusarium crown rot. Variants and Frequency: VI Frost has been genetically uniform and stable during the Pre-breeder and Breeder seed production, but it may contain the following variants. Phenotypic Variant(s): Up to 1/1,000 taller plants (2 spike lengths above the canopy), 1/1,000 awnless or awnletted plants, and 1/1,000 red and/or bronze glumes. Seed Variant: Up to .75% red wheat seeds.

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