Description: Xerpha is a soft white winter wheat. A greenhouse breeding technique called single-seed descent was used to rapidly advance this line in the greenhouse to its fifth generation in just two years. Subsequent field selection was based on yield, test weight, disease resistance and general agronomics. Xerpha is unique in that it has a very broad range of adaptation. It has been the top yielding variety in every precipitation zone for 2006 and 2007 in the WSU Extension Cereal Variety Testing Program where was compared with 50 other varieties, breeding lines, and varietal blends from other programs at 19 locations. It also has performed extremely well in 2007 in California, S. Idaho, and Oregon Variety testing Programs. 

Genealogy:  Eltan/Estica

Phenotypic variant: Height variation (2" - 8" taller) may occur at a rate of 1/10,000. Height variation will be more noticeable under higher yield environments. Awnless heads and club-type heads may occur at a rate of 1/80,000 for heads combined.

Seed variant: Up to 10/lb red seed

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