BC Lexy


BC Lexy Variety Description:

BC Leandra (BR-14052a1) is a two-row spring malting barley bred and released by Saatzucht Josef Bruen, GmbH & Co. KG Amselweg1, 91074, Herzogenaurach, Germany. BC Lexy is a CPVO approved variety that is being evaluated and represented in N.A. by Limagrain Cereal Seeds, with headquarters located at 7292 Greenridge Rd Unit 106, Windsor, CO 80550. The “BC” prefix (Bruen Craft) has simply been added to the EEU approved variety name (Lexy) to distinguish the origin and ownership of the genetic resources from Saatzucht Josef Breun in the N.A. market.

The variety is distinct, uniform, and stable. BC Lexy has performed very well in a wide range of independent third party (University) variety evaluation programs from 2019-2022 (trial results attached to this document).  Beyond the good performance in these trials, BC Lexy has a proven malt barley quality profile and carries the FLEXIMALT characteristics which offers significant potential energy, time and cost savings in the malting process.

BC Lexy’s pedigree is RGT Planet x BC Leandra. It offers good resistance to major leaf diseases, good grading and straw stiffness. In 2022 in France, Germany, and Denmark, production of BC Lexy was expanded to over 2,260 acres due to its malt quality rating. It is a medium maturity, medium height, and above average test weight variety. In Germany, regional trials of Lexy from 2018-2020 yielded an average of 9.5% above the trial mean.

BC Lexy recently received the France Arvalis quality grade = A; as well as the official seal of approval from the Berliner Institute in 2022.  BC Lexy is a FLEXIMALT TM variety that was bred to malt well under variable step out moisture. BC Lexy is noted for having a very balanced modification (starch, cell walls and protein). BC Lexy has exceptionally high levels of malt extract (starch), low levels of B-glucan (cell wall), and relatively high Kolbach Index (soluble/total protein).

Phenotypic variant: 1 per 1000 heads may be up to 8 inches taller than the canopy

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