BG 006


BG 006 was developed by WestBred, a unit of Monsanto, Bozeman, Montana from a cross made in 1996 between Nebula/ Stanuwax. Nebula is a sex-rowed, semidwarf spring barley that was developed by WestBred for high yield, high test weight for the southwest Desert area of Arizona and the Central Valley of California. Stanuwax (also called Stanwax) is a six-rowed hulless, waxy endosperm spring barely developed by Phoenix Seed and released to the public in 1996 for production in North Dakota/Minnesota. A hulless variant may occur at a frequency of up to 4 per 10,000 seed/plants and a non-waxy endosperm variant may occur at a frequency of up to 8 per 10,000 seed/plants. otherwise, no other variants are known to occur and BG 006 is a stable and uniform variety in appearance and performance. BG 006 has been evaluated for yield, quality, standability, and general agronomics in WestBred and University trials. BG 006 has been found to be well adapted to the Northwest Region of the US.

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