BG 012


BG 012 is a hulless, six-rowed, semidwarf, spring, waxy endosperm barley that was developed for high input growing areas. This barley was selected from the cross "Nebula" x "Stanuwax". These two varieties are described as follows: Nebula is a six-rowed, semidwarf spring barley that was developed for high yield high test weight for the southwest Desert area of Arizona and the Central Valley of California. Nebula came from the cross DA587-71 x PH585-6. Both of these lines were selections from semidwarf, male sterile facilitate recurrent selection populations developed by WestBred LLC. Nebula was slected for resistance to the foliar leaf diseases scald (Rhynchosporium secalis), net blotch (Pyrenophora teres), mildew (Ersiphe graminis) and leaf rust (Puccinia hordei). Stanuwax is a six-rowed hulless, waxy endosperm spring barley developed by Pheonix Seed from the cross Stander x Rowax. Stander is a six-rowed spring barely released by North Dakota State University. Roawax is a waxy, hulless cultivar developed by Phoenix Seed from the cross Robus x axhul. BG 012 is most similar to the variety Nebula except that it has waxy endosperm (nearly 100% amylopectin starch) and is hulless. BG 012 has a slightly waxy stem and leaves. The sheath and leaf blades do not have pubescence. The sheath has a modified open (closed) collar. The spike of BG 012 is six-rowed, has a straight neck, is glossy, strap, and erect, (not dense) with a few hairs on the rachis edge. The glumes of BG 012 are longer than 1/2 of the lemma length, have long hairs that cover the glume completely, and have semi-smooth awns that are equal to the length of the glume. The lemma has long awns that are semi-smooth with no teeth or pubescence. The lemma base has a transverse crease and long rachilla hairs. BG 012 seed has a white aleurone, is short to midlong, and has hairs on the ventral furrow. The stigma has many hairs.

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