Diamondback is a 6 row spring feed barley developed by WestBred. It was bred and selected for high yield, test weight, and resistance to lodging. Area of Adaptation: Diamondback has shown adaptation to the irrigated acres of central Arizona. Plant Description:

Kind 6-Row
Seasonal Growth Habit Spring
Plant Height (cm) 74
Coleoptile Color Green
Juvenile Growth Habit Prostrate
Plant Tillering Intermediate
Leaf Color at Boot Blue-Green
Flag Leaf at Boot Erect, not-twisted, no waxy bloom
Pubescence on Leaf Blade No
Pubescence on Leaf Sheath No
Auricle Color White
Heading Date 87 days
Stem Color White
Neck Shape Straight
Collar Shape Closed
Spike Exsertion Intermediate
Spike Shape Strap
Spike Density Dense
Spike Position at Maturity Erect
Hairiness of Rachis Edge Covered
Rachilla Hair Length Long
Lemma Awns Straight
Length of Lemma Awns Long
Lemma Awn Surface Rough
Glume Hairiness Covered
Glume Awn Surface Rough
Glume/Lemma Adherence Covered
Texture (if covered) Semi-Wrinkled
Aleurone Color Colorless
Avg 1,000 Kernel Wt (gr) 44

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