LCS Odyssey


LCS Odyssey is a 2-Row, spring malting barley developed by Limagrain UK, and being marketed by Limagrain Cereal Seeds in the United States. LCS Odyssey was selected for yield, malt barley quality characteristics, and disease reactions in the United Kingdom. Area of Adaptation: LCS Odyssey was tested in Washington state in the <16", 16"-20", and >20" rainfall zones, and has proven to be adapted to each of them. Description:

Kind 2-Row
Seasonal Growth Habit Spring
Plant Height (cm) 67.3
Coleoptile Color Green
Juvenile Growth Habit Semi-Erect
Plant Tillering Intermediate
Leaf Color at Boot Green
Flag Leaf at Boot Erect, twisted, waxy
Pubescence on Leaf Blade No
Pubescence on Leaf Sheath No
Auricle Color White
Heading Date 78
Stem Color White
Neck Shape Straight
Collar Shape V-Shaped
Spike Exsertion Slight
Spike Shape Fusiform
Spike Density Mid-Dense
Spike Position at Maturity Inclined
Hairiness of Rachis Edge Covered
Rachilla Hair Length Short
Lemma Awns Straight
Length of Lemma Awns Long
Lemma Awn Surface Semi-Smooth
Glume Hairiness Middle only
Glume Awn Surface Smooth
Glume/Lemma Adherence Covered
Texture (if covered) Semi-Wrinkled
Aleruone Color Colorless

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