Objective and Botanical Description of variety: Redrock is a two-row spring forage barley developed by WestBred, a unit of Monsanto. Redrock is stable and uniform in appearance and performance. Redrock two rowed spring barley is hooded with tonnage and high forage quality. Redrock has higher grain yield and improved forage tonnage over Stockford. Redrock has higher protein and starch content while maintaining lower ADF and NDF, giving it higher TDN and RFV than Stockford as well. Area of adaptation and primary use of variety: Redrock has been tested, and shown, adaptation to the irrigated acres of Eastern Washington. Identifying Characteristics:

Growth Habit Spring
Spike 2 row
Coleoptile Color Green
Juvenile Growth Habit Erect
Plant Tillering High
Leaf Color at Boot Green
Flag Leaf at Boot Erect, No Twist, No Wax
Pubescence on Leaf Blade Yes
Pubescence on Leaf Sheath No
Auricle Color White
Heading Date 155 days
Stem Color White
Neck Shape Straight
Collar Shape V-shaped
Spike Exsertion Intermediate
Plant Height (cm) 100.3
Spike Shape Oblong
Spike Density Mid-Dense
Spike Position at Maturity: Nodding
Hairiness of Rachis Edge Few
Rachilla Hair Length Long
Lemma Awns Sessile Hoods
Length of Lemma Awns n/a
Lemma Awn Surface n/a
Glume Hairiness Banded
Glume/Awn Surface Rough
Glume/Lemma Adherence Covered
Texture (if covered) Semi-wrinkled
Aleruone Color Colorless
Avg 1,000 Kernel wt (g) 48
Variants and Frequency: Redrock may contain a tall variant (2-4 inches) at frequencies up to 4/10,000 (.04%). No other variants are known to occur. Resistance to diseases and pests: Redrock has not been tested thoroughly enough to make claims for its disease resistance.

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