Stockford is a two-rowed, hooded spring hay barley developed by WestBred, LLC from the cross “Baronesse / BZ 591-57”. The line BZ 591-57 is a hooded six-rowed barley selected from the cross “{(CCXXXII-32 / Canadian six-rowed varieties) // Westford}. The Canadian sixrowed varieties crossed to short male-sterile plants in CCXXXII-32 were BT 527, Deuce, Empress, Leger, Noble, Samson, Virden, and Winchester. Stockford is a two-rowed, spring, hooded hay barley adapted to the Intermountain area of Pacific Northwest to the Western Prairies of Canada. Stockford is medium tall and mid-season in maturity. Spike exertion from the flag leaf is minimal (0-3 cm). Anthocyanin is absent in the stem, but present in the auricles and the lemma veins will be purple under certain growing conditions. The collar shape is closed and the neck is straight. The leaves and stems are slightly waxy. The flag leaves are drooping at the boot stage. The head is strap shaped, lax and slightly waxy. The glume length is more than 1/2 of the lemma and is completely covered with long hairs. The glume awns are less than equal to the length of the flumes and the awn surface is rough. The lemma is hooded and and the awn surface is semi-smooth. Lemma teeth and lemma hair are absent. The shape of the base of the lemma is a depression, and the rachilla is long with a few long hairs. The seed is covered, long, semi-wrinkled and the aleurone layer is colorless.  

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