641512175 (Trical Surge)


TRICAL SURGE (VAR. 641512175) was released by Northern Agri-Brands LLC. It is an awnless facultative triticale that was selected for its awnless character, and respectable late boot stage silage yield. Surge also possesses excellent pre-dough forage quality. Surge is a hexaploid winter-type triticale that is tall in height with a late maturity. It is green at booting, with leaves that are glossy and semi-upright. Flag leaf is erect and twisted. Spikes are dense and fusiform at maturity. Glumes are glabrous, yellow in color, mid-long length, and narrow. Surge has been tested and found to be adaptive to Pacific Northwest region of the US including Washington and Idaho as well as adaptive to Wisconsin. US PROTECTED VARIETY

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