Craft maltsters and brewers take heart: there’s a New World Otter that may provide you with interesting options compared to the Old World Otter (who goes by the name of Maris). OSU is proud to announce the culmination of years of research and breeding, starting with the cross of crossing 04-028-36 (a 2-row winter malting variety from Ackermann Saatzucht GMBH & CO) with Maris Otter. The resulting doubled haploid array - the “Romp of Otters” - was put through extensive agronomic, malting quality, and brewing trials. DH142010 was selected as The Lontra and is now ready for its debut. Lontra is available for non-exclusive license – please contact Denis Sather (OSU Advantage - denis.d.sather@oregonstate.edu)for details. For more information on the variety, please contact Pat Hayes (OSU Barley Project - hayesp@oregonstate.edu). 

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